Tuesday 29 October 2019

Hammer and drill

Manic, sporadic,
year-long, brain-flattening noise
can make a neighbour choleric,
a quiet dog lose its poise.
When the walls keep vibrating
and the ground seems to quake,
your ears start pulsating,
your hands begin to shake.
As a shrill drill dementedly hisses and pierces,
backed up by a rumbling, thumping, roaring,
running on, resonant bass,
you find it hard to remember what peace is
until Sunday brings blissful silence and grace.

(lone.zone nilsburgh)

Saturday 2 February 2019

Fish versus worm verses

If fish could talk, they might debate
and learn no longer to bite the bait,
but if they argued, puffed up and irate,
they'd still end up on a hungry man's plate.

If worms could speak, how would they relate
to their fellow-creatures in a twisted state?
Would they sound stoical, gentle and sedate
or would there be turbulence their lines would create?

(lone.zone nilsburgh)